Things we have learned in USA

1. On the intersection you can turn right even if you have a red light, except where there is a sign that is forbidden

2.  On the intersections without lights there is a sign stop on all four streets – and everybody without exception really stops on the sign. The first to pass is the first to come…

3. In USA there is a car pool lane –it’s a lane for vehicles with two and more persons in the car…usually traffic in this lane is much faster

4. Best fast food (if you re into fast food) is In & Out (I think only on west coast)– they actually make fries from fresh potatoes

5. Very good bier (similar to Corona) is Pacifico (and for girls Bud Light Lime)

6. Food in USA is cheap only if you eat burgers. Everything else at least half decent is expensive. I  paid 3 nectarines 7.80$

7. Be aware that on every price you see you have to add tax, plus tip in restaurants (18 – 20%), bars (1$ per drink), taxi (10- 15%) etc.

8. Shopping is good – go in USA with literally empty suitcases

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