Ocean walk

Writing while my forehead is burning. The sun here is…well, the sun…We all did put sun cream, but it was mostly worthless. The temperature is around 25C, but the wind is quite strong so you cannot feel that you are burning…tricky, no? Anyway, we were mostly walking and doing nothing except enjoying in Venice and Santa Monica. Venice looks similar like Camden in London, besides the ocean and really long and wide beach..;) All kinds of people mostly on skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, surfboards or any kind of other board that you can imagine.

Guys played basketball on Muscle beach (home of famous bodybuilders such as the governor of CA Arnold Schwarzenegger)  just to prove they can.  And they could…;)

What we like the most in Venice are the canals that originally were to be a copy of Venice in Italy and nowdasys are upscale neighbourghood.

On the Santa Monica Pier….no text needed – me and my maid of honour…;)

Santa Monica is only few minutes away from Venice, but looks like it’s on another planet. It is much fanicer and accordingly houses, people and everything is different.

We found out the you have to pay 1000$ fine if you smoke on the promenade (hej, it’s outside..it is a street)…we were lucky and did not pay, but we had to move to the side street to smoke…discrimination..

Igor found two jobs – one on the street and the other in great show on Santa Monica Pier…

Ok have fun ..we are heading towards Lake Havsu City..


  1. miju says:

    to be honest I m not quite familiar with different types of boards…;) I only know how the drop – through deck looks..thnx for sharing…

  2. zeko says:

    btw. santa monica should be seen from the window of the car… it looks like some istrian resort for people with lots of money and no personality… go to venice or hermosa instead and feel like human… also, beaches are the only places worth the efford of visiting in neverending L.A. boredom…

  3. miju says:

    @zekokez – I might agree with you on that…yet, different places for different tastes …;)

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