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Belgian chocolate in Lika

Belgian master chocolate-maker Christine Scholtes-Covic fell in love with Croatia’s picturesque Lika region and decided to make a life here. She opened a small Chocolate workshop in small village Rakovica. “I don’t know, maybe I am a little crazy, but I came here on a holiday to see the Plitvice lakes, and I fell in [...]

What to bring on the road trip

1. Medicines – painkillers, pills for flue, cream or spray for mosquitoes and vitamin C – since we were changing places, temperatures and altitudes we were all sick at some time 2. GPS – but be aware that you have to update GPS for places outside the cities – in our case we should have [...]

Things we have learned in USA

1. On the intersection you can turn right even if you have a red light, except where there is a sign that is forbidden 2.  On the intersections without lights there is a sign stop on all four streets – and everybody without exception really stops on the sign. The first to pass is the [...]

4 days in Los Angeles

The place that we rented is again good and in a good neighbourhood. Absolutely, if you are travelling in a group of four rent a private flat – much cheaper and very comfortable. However, we are not really fond of LA. Things that you can like in LA are the beaches. We have been on [...]

Along the road CA1

If you go from SF to LA you should take 2 days and drive on CA 1 or Pacifica.  Views along the road are amazing…and there are many sites to visit. However, it’s better to avoid this road during the night because it is very curve and on some parts the speed limit is 20-30mpH. [...]

Alcatraz or the Rock

The legend says that is impossible to escape Alcatraz and to swim to the coast (the Alcatraz is on the island, if you didn’t know). To us it seemed like exaggeration since the island is only about 2 km away from the coast of San Francisco and it turned out (internet, you tube) that is [...]

June 5th, again San Francisco

We have been at all tourist spots…short preview… 1.Lombard street – curve street in the city…. 2. Golden Gate Bridge.. 3.  Sausalito – overpriced city almost the same as Opatija in Croatia. Even in the guide you can read that it is similar to Adriatic Coast. 4. Twin Peaks…with stunntig view on SF… 5. and [...]

San Francisco – long walk..June 4th

We have been  walking all day in Golden Gate Park which is huge –three miles long and bigger than Central Park in New York. Have to say that it’s exhausting to be a tourist. If you are smarter than us you will not plan to walk through the park to the Cliff House, there is [...]

The City

To explore San Francisco best thing to do is buy Muni passport…for three days or seven. We bought a three day Muni  for 20$. This pass is valid on all Muni vehicles (buses, trams) including cable cars. If you don’t have Muni you’ ll pay one ride with bus 2.00$ and one ride with cable [...]

San Francisco

Ok, here I’m staying…love San Francisco…love love love… Again nice flat…Fell Street 563 – good location and everything else…For good vacation rentals try: or… San Francisco is super city. It has great arhitecture, interesting sites, cable cars and funky people…First day, we had breakfast in Kate’s Kitchen famous because of this cover… jazz [...]