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The Day After (snow)

Magical frozen forest is a great scenery for relaxing after work… to steady your mind and calm your senses. Since Sljeme is quite close to our house we hike there quite often, almost every day. Today I started at Lagvic and hiked to  to Graficar, 864m above sea level. Enjoy in pics and if you [...]

Walk after work – Sljeme

Yesterday was an amazing day for walk in the forest.  Sun was shining and the temperature was unusually high for December. There is also a new part (even for me…;)) on educational mountain trail Miroslavec between Sestinski lagvic and  Kraljicin zdenac, bypassing bridge that colapsed. The trail was really muddy and I met only few [...]

Unique bear sanctuary in Kuterevo

In a small village Kuterevo (map) is a sanctuary for young bears. Baby bears, who due to accident or poaching, have been separated from their mothers and are too young to live independently found home in Kuterevo, on the slopes of Velebit in Lika. Such bears, nurtured by people, never manage to acquire skills necessary [...]

Plitvice Lakes – every day

…another great day at the Lakes… Today our guests were Jade and her friends from London; and Nadia & Damien all the way from Melbourne Australia. It was of course hot and crowded but again we had a great time and enjoyed this great natural monument. Here is  my first snake picture… Ms. Watersnake who [...]

Plitvice Lakes – absolutely must see in Croatia

To be honest among all one day trips that we offer, trip to Plitvice is something that goes without the any kind of promotion a whole year. Of course, in the spring and summer is the peak, but we have guests for Plitvice even in January when the lakes are covered with the snow and [...]