I’m Miju and I usualy write our blog…guys are often on the road but they help me with inputs and photos. Story about us goes something like this….

Our first idea ZagrebCity was born six years ago while we were working for other travel agencies. Our friends’ stories, experiences of random tourists and little research showed that the market of short term apartments is unregulated and unorganized, that it is necessary to be in a group at least of 4 to go on one day trips or take city tour and, finally, that only very small number of people is dealing  with guests who come to Zagreb. Finally, in 2007 we enlivened our idea and opened the first travel agency specialized in Zagreb – ZagrebCity. Feedback from our guests and satisfaction that we feel while working, indicate that we have made a good decision.

Guests from distant countries want to explore Croatia within the large organized tours to see all that this country has to offer. Therefore, in January 2010, after a long preparation, we started ZagrebTours.com. With ZagrebTours almost everything is possible – organized tours without guide for adventurers, organized tours with guide for those who like comfort, thematic tours for the curious, or tailor made tours for those who know exactly what they want.

We are satisfied with our business of course, but what also makes us happy is meeting all of you from around the world. Welcome!

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